Who are we?

We are a home schooling program in Khayelitsha, Western Cape. Our mission is to create safe, contextually viable and high quality learning spaces that are accessible to community children in the afterhours. Our broader vision is to enhance the learning lifestyles of our learners by including parents and increasing access to quality afterschool education in the community.

About Early Birds Home Schooling Programme

We do this by:

  • Providing a safe learning zone that also serves as library support for the learners. This is a home environment and is open till 10 pm at night.
  • Facilitating individualised learning programmes for our learners.
  • Encouraging physical education as a lifestyle using hiking/forest walking and museum excursions.


Our mission is to create communal quality learning spaces that allow students to fulfil their potential in spite of their existing socioeconomic disadvantages. Early Birds Lifestyle Academy hopes to:

  • Create spaces that challenge and develop the perception of quality learning to make it part of an attitudinal and lifestyle shift for learners
  • Improve the academic standards that they are able to attain and therefore develop the confidence that they need in order to aspire towards higher education.
  • Enhance the understanding of the benefits of a broadened sense of learning to include fitness as a habit, reading for enjoyment and problem solving.


Our broad vision is to build an appreciation and respect for the lifelong process of learning among communities.

Our operations: how we do what we do

We have opened our back and front yard for outdoor learning in support of the core academic needs and a lifestyle program that fosters a love for reading, learning and an understanding of physical autonomy and positive body image and care. This program is centred on parental support.

How do we do this?

  • Engage the community in a meaningful way about the contextual resource-based needs of the learners of this community.
  • Create communal learning spaces, within our community, that serve to supplement the gap left by the crisis of public schools in South Africa
  • Encourage learning intersections between parents and learners.

Neliswa Dludla


Neliswa Dludla is an education activist who has recently resigned from the structure of public schooling systems in order to open a home-schooling based approach in her community. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences; Public Policy and Administration & Religion studies from the University of Cape Town. She also holds a Post graduate certificate in Teaching Mathematics, English and Religion Studies. She has been working in public schools only for a total of 1 full year under various contractual stratifications within the public schooling system. Neliswa is the first member of her immediate family to graduate from a University of higher learning and is incredibly passionate about context based education solutions.

Neliswa Dludla
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