Early Birds Academy is a home-schooling program that assists school leaners with a safe library space and tutor assistance for homework. We assist as early as grade 1 up to Grade 12 in literacy, numeracy and subject specific chapters in high school subjects.

1. After School Academic Support Programme

Junior school learners have homework and library assistance at the Home School from Monday to Friday
Benefits: Parents are not all educated and prepared within the current academic climate; this causes a huge gap for the learner who has no generational education support. Early Bird becomes the parent who assists.

2. Individualised Learning Program for Senior Grades (9-12)

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; each high schools learner books a slot to get assistance in a specific subject. We have highly skilled teachers for each subject agreeing to help on a small contract basis.
Benefits: The learners get to raise their aspiration and level of focus and they get to engage with content with understanding. This improves grades, and the discipline of learning in general. Also creates a support structure that learners of our community otherwise would not have access to.

3. Frequent Evening Running for All

  • Monday: a run then meditation to relax the mind for the week
  • Tuesday run then prepositions to strengthen the English command for our learners
  • Wednesday’s a run then a relevant video on our big screen TV. On self-reflection and emotional intelligence.


  • Unlearning the misperception that only potential athletes get to embrace physical exercise in our community
  • Viewing our bodies as learning tools and means to enhance our brain activity
  • Discipline
  • Sense of physical autonomy and integrity

4. Monthly Excursions

A hike up the mountain provisionally when there is good weather, or a museum visit when there is unfavourable weather (Iziko Slave Lodge, the oldest post office in Langa Cape Town, etc).

Benefits Discipline, a sense of community. An approach to enforce a broader understanding of the Cities’ geopolitical space in order to prepare learners for higher education navigation confidence. And more physical activity away from home grounds.

5. Leadership and Skills Mentorship

  • Monthly seminars
  • Skills training through partnerships with organizations such as The Rotary Club
  • Debating skills for our high school learners
  • A public speaking course through using their English oral topics from school.

Benefits: An improvement of the English language command (this is critical because English is the language of economic activity nationally and our learners lack professional communication capital from their socioeconomic background)

6. Seminars for Parents

Once a term; a seminar on challenging the perceptions of education in our community, encouraging parents to engage with learners using approaches the academy has designed in order to foster a relationship between the learner’s needs, and the parent’s commitment to specific education needs.

Benefits: Simply put; our parents don’t know how to best support their children through learning and phases of their lives. We hope to broaden this concept and eventually win in making it a norm or lifestyle to care about specific education needs.

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