1. Support a child through the academic year

  • A minimum of R500 per month affords a child a hike/trip/excursion, a tutor and all month access to the early birds space.
  • A donor can connect with the child’s family and consult early birds for the child’s whole rounded progress.

2. Mentor a high school scholar

  • Both teenage girls and boys require life skills and value programs.
  • Interested organisations are encouraged to make contact.

3. Donate a set of study tools

  • An old computer, books, learning card games, etc
  • Early Birds will mediate the resources and enable a relationship between two families.

4. Support a teaching and tutoring salary

For a month, a term… an open bracket

5. Support the academy’s operating costs

  • This is a minimum of R6000 per month, but any amount pledged will be welcome.
  • The minimum amount has factored in security, electricity, WiFi, rent, and inflation for 2019.
Emergency Call

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